Our Commitment to you

“We are dedicated to delivering outstanding service to our clients and maintaining the highest possible safety standards.

Each Junk & Trunk removal project is strictly managed, which ensures a smooth flow from beginning to end, giving our clients the absolute assurance that the job will be completed with care and consideration. At the end of each job, great care is taken to leave the site clean and tidy.

We’ll remove items or trees from wherever they are located load them into our truck, and sweep up the area before we leave. Dragging junk to the kerb is a thing of the past!

It’s not just junk to us! We do our best to donate and recycle as much as we can. When you use Junk & Trunk , you’re helping to keep junk out of the landfill and giving back to the community, too. We sort , reuse, recycle and donate as much as we possibly can to be a responsible waste removal partner, for a better tomorrow!

LIBREX Features

CleanStream-PLUS unit is sized for all commercial applications and can be bolted on to the end of any system.

We are proud of being the best selling app of all time

Customer wanted to eliminate wasted time and stress involved with running their plant. Their main concern was the results would day be over EPA limits and would cause damage to the local environment and health of kids using the creeks.

They had tried every potential solution over the past 30 years and nothing worked successfully ..... until we installed CleanStream-PLUS